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  • For a donation of $25, you can make it possible for a student to attend one month of school.
  • Let's put that in perspective - it is the cost of a restaurant meal, five cups of coffee at Starbucks, or a couple movie tickets.
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give the gift of education

" The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams." - Eleanor Roosevelt

" Kenya, less than half of young people attend high school, according to UNICEF."

There are so many young people in Kenya who dream of going to high school. And yet, they are living in circumstances of harsh poverty, very often unable to afford tuition expenses; in Kenya, students must pay to attend high school, leaving so many without hope for the future.

These young people often live in large families with a parent or grandparent struggling to provide life’s basic necessities. Many are living on small farms, with a mother or grandmother simply trying to provide food for her family.

The Mama Ada Foundation provides tuition scholarships for these students living in Kenya’s Rift Valley Province. Local committees put forward names of their best and brightest students, as they truly know the needs of their communities. They rally around these students, providing them encouragement and support to pursue their dreams.

And they do! Together, these and other scholarship alums from The Mama Ada Foundation are starting the Mama Ada Alumni Association in Kenya. They are determined to find ways that they, and other graduated students, can support younger people to pursue their dream of an education – just as they were supported to do so by The Mama Ada Foundation.

William Koech is one of our scholarship alums at The Mama Ada Foundation. He has completed his bachelor’s degree and nearly completed his MBA. He is now the Internal Auditor of the Eldoret Polytechnic main campus.

Japheth Yegon is another scholarship alum of The Mama Ada Foundation. In 2012, he completed his bachelor’s degree in human resource management. He is now employed with Alice Travels in Eldoret, Kenya.