Give the Gift of Seeds


  • It costs only $64 to provide seeds and fertilizer that enable a family to have food for a year.
  • To break it down further: A donation of $32 provides food for a family for half a year; a donation of $16 provides food for a family for three months.
  • And by giving a donation of $100, you do even more!
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give the gift of seeds

" While there’s life, there’s hope." - Cicero

" According to the Kenya Agricultural Research Institute, more than 10 million out of Kenya’s total population of 40 million is food insecure, with the majority of them living on food relief."

The Mama Ada Foundation creates entrepreneurship opportunities for people living in Kenya’s Rift Valley Province. One way that the organization does so is by giving seeds to farmers to plant a crop to feed their families.

These farmers live in small mud huts on one or two-acre farms called “shambas.” These shambas dot the countryside near Mama Ada’s Farm in Ziwa, as the rolling fields blend one into another. In many of these farms, grandmothers and mothers are raising children alone. They are working very hard just to provide food for these children, with so few resources.

And yet…with a gift of seeds and planting help from neighbors, many of these farmers are able to become self-sufficient after receiving seeds for several years. At The Mama Ada Foundation, we have never seen smiles so beautiful as the smiles of farmers like Esther and Jane!