In A Single Day

This time of year, we are sending thank you and receipt letters from our little-engine-that-could organization (our favorite name, honestly). I must admit to some procrastination, as there are so many other things to do.

As I sit with this procrastination (begging forgiveness), this other something swirls in and out, leaving my heart laughing and weeping, all in the same moment.

It is thankfulness, my friends.

Today I sent an email to Pat Eastman, our volunteer webmaster extraordinaire, telling him that we would begin using an online marketing and fundraising platform. Note: this impending system will give all of you the ready tools to do peer-to-peer fundraising (but more on that later).

In this email, I thanked Pat for all his constant help and said I hoped our ambitious plans didn’t make him want to stick his head in a snow bank. This was his fast response:


Thanks for the thanks! And no I won’t stick my head in the nearest snowbank! Integrating Classy into the site is straightforward in that a donate or fundraising button will direct to their service much like Click and Pledge but with better looking interface options.

So, let me know when you need to switch over.Happy New Year!Pat”

Pat’s gracious “thanks for the thanks” stuck with me for a few hours, until I checked the mail to find a student donation from Shea Brendalen and her family. “I think she is an angel, sure as anything…” rang over and over in my head. Shea (our volunteer bookkeeper) had just spent a long time earlier this morning helping me understand some finance matters (the work of our awesome Finance Committee, led by our equally awesome treasurer, Ron McElhone).

After getting Shea’s donation, I went back to my computer to see an email from Ron (budget work, no less, on his holiday vacation) and another email from our ever lovely communications volunteer, Sarah Greener, reminding me of a Google Drive user name and password (while she was on vacation).

You get the drift. These stories of good will spin through our days at The Mama Ada Foundation.

Through the enormous generosity of people like Pat and Shea and Ron and Sarah, we are able to give seeds to farmers and tuition to students (like Shadrack, pictured) an ocean or a heartbeat away from all of us who love them so much.

So here’s to a Happy New Year to our friends near and far, from all of us at The Mama Ada Foundation! - Julie Keller