The Whole Story

I’ve been thinking about the “whole story” lately. How often do we dare to tell ourselves a whole story? Often, I prefer to tell myself part of a story – perhaps the part that I’m comfortable with, acquainted with, know best. The part that makes me feel safest, perhaps least accountable, and is the easiest.

mock Carol Kering

Yet, there are more shining days that I dare to look at a fuller story of something, to dig a little deeper, to know a little more. To take a second and a third look at something, turning it on its head and its side and all around, to see something in a new and fuller light.

Maybe this makes sense in your life too, at least some days. There are these personal stories, often ones which keep us in our self-contained little bubbles.

Then there are the fuller stories of the world. The ones we hear in blips and blurbs – as we pick up a newspaper or pull up the news on our phones – as we hurriedly rush through our own lives, perhaps with Christmas gift lists in our busy heads.

One of the sure gifts to me in knowing students in Kenya is that they offer a fuller view of something. They show me the world in its fuller glory; they offer all of us their hearts, filled with desire to simply learn and to find a way into the world, to find a place for their immense gifts and big talents. One student (pictured here) is named Carol Kering. She recently wrote, "Hello, I would like to appreciate you for the tuition support. I am almost to achieve my dream. May God bless you. Thank you."

" Hello, I would like to appreciate you for the tuition support. I am almost to achieve my dream. May God bless you. Thank you" - Carol Kering
So as we look at a fuller story of our world, we see young people who desperately, desperately wish to go to school and to achieve a dream, just like Carol. They strive and they seek, they try and they hope, some say they have “pinned their hopes” on The Mama Ada Foundation.

Right now, our partners in Kenya are receiving many applications for tuition scholarships – our hearts leap at the numbers, as we simply hope against hope that we can provide as many students as possible with the opportunity to go to school in January, when their school year begins.

We would ask that you see this fuller story today - the story of our students at The Mama Ada Foundation. And if you decide to take action, we would be very thankful for your donation that would enable more students the opportunity to find their desk in a classroom in January! Donations can be made at Asante (thank you!)!- Julie Keller