love is patient, love is kind.


Several weeks ago, I sat at my computer. It was late afternoon and drowsiness rung ambition dry. A bling sounded and there was a message.

It was from a young man named Daniel Koech, sending greetings to The Mama Ada Foundation. He recounted how his family, on a few acre farm near Mama Ada’s home, had been given a gift of seeds and a cow through our organization. He recounted that he had received scholarships to complete high school in Kenya.

For patience is a virtue, is it not?

When we first began this adventure of building a nonprofit organization, our dear friend Jim Engel said over and over: “Make haste slowly.” It is an African proverb. We have tried our best to heed this wisdom. We have worked to build relationships that stand the test of time and to build operating structures that will serve our organization’s growth into a larger future. This all-volunteer organization has literally been built with the hours and hours given by people here and around the world who have the big-hearted conviction that young people should be able to go to school and that families should have food to eat.

These days, we get instant information everywhere; we can jump to fast and rigid conclusions about one another and our world. Let’s step back to consider that the very best, most joyful and hopeful stories take time to tell themselves. We cannot be sure of the “outcome” of our efforts in this world today, but we can trust that tomorrow or the next day or the next year, we might know more fully and be forever warmed by the realization that what we do with one another matters. It really, really matters to our world.

As Daniel shared more of his story, I imagined him studying long into the night, perhaps even by candlelight, with the sure conviction that his effort was for something, that he could write the most beautiful story for his life and tell it with pride and thanks one day, to people near and far from him….and that he would say, “I'll take your heart of helping others. Now I stand for the help and support you posted to me.”



- Julie Keller