We all have birthdays, every one of us.


As a little girl, I remember my beautiful mother dressed in her “birthday dress” - a bright pink and hot orange striped dress. She would bake a cherry cake and hang colorful streamers every year. In third grade, I remember gazing at the black board to see April 29, as I hoped the day would never end. My birthday.

Maybe you remember the feeling of waking as a child on your birthday, filled with hours of fun or at least something special ahead.

The years blur together for me now, yet there is still this sense of something special on that day, even on the “ho hum” birthdays when there might not be special plans (though I just celebrated my 50th birthday with massive joy and a special cake!).

If we’re on Facebook we are reminded of our friends’ birthdays. I really enjoy seeing greetings for my friends; every day it seems there is a celebration somewhere, with someone always celebrating that they have lived another year. With all these birthdays, we came up with a very fun idea at The Mama Ada Foundation and we want to tell you about it!

We are asking that you think about doing something a little different on your birthday this year. Please consider asking your friends to help you celebrate your special day by making a donation to The Mama Ada Foundation! We’ve made it really easy for you - you can now organize your own fundraising campaign here.

You can still have balloons and cake on your special day, but you'll also receive the gift of knowing that a student is in school or a farmer has food on their table. Many of my friends made a donation to The Mama Ada Foundation in honor of my birthday and it was an awesome feeling to see these donations come in!

So happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you! And thanks for being our friend all year round too!

P.S. This might be an extra special idea for our children, as it serves as a powerful way to show that the very best gifts are the ones that bring life and hope to others.

- Julie Keller