The future depends on what you do today.


"The future depends on what you do today." - Mahatma Gandhi

Have you ever considered how much of your day is “thinking” and how much of it is “action”? How much of your time is thinking about the future, perhaps just circles of worry about something? How much is spent making lists for future action plans, and how much is spent acting on those plans?

My days can get swirled into a blur of thinking, with mindless distractions that I follow to another: “Where did my day go?”

Noriega is a farmer in Kenya who took action and, with the help of The Mama Ada Foundation, is creating a better future for his family.

For a long time, Noriega was an active alcoholic. A friend’s love and care convinced him to overcome his addiction. Once no longer drinking, Noriega took up farming. He recently received seeds from The Mama Ada Foundation and is now readying his field, working alongside his wife.

But here's the thing: there are still many farmers like Noriega who are living in terrible fear because they don't have seeds to plant this Spring. If they don't get seeds within days to a few weeks from now, their families won't have food come Fall. It's that simple. And that is sad news.

But here's the really good part.

For $15, you can feed an entire family for one month.

For $30 you can feed a family for two months.

For $60 you can feed a family for four months.

We have launched our Seeds of Hope Campaign. You can act now and make a donation that will literally transform the life of a farm family. Their need is urgent and the clock is counting down to the end of planting time.

So please go to Let's Plant Some Fields and give the gift of seeds – by taking action today, you give hope to a family for many tomorrows.

Asante (thank you!),

- Julie Keller

The Mama Ada Foundation