everything you can imagine is real


"Everything you can imagine is real." Pablo Picasso

This past December, I received a phone call from Bill Stull, a friend from Kentucky. Bill is always working to make a positive difference for others. He’s like a breath of fresh air and a jolt of inspiration.

On this cold and wintry day, Bill excitedly shared an idea. He had spoken with people in his church, St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church, in Lexington. They wanted to make a donation so that several families in Kenya could have a cow. However, they wanted to make it a “match” donation, meaning that it had to inspire others to give too; my sister, Ann Cahill, immediately took the inspiration and helped us conduct a successful fundraiser – Christmas Cows.

Now let your imaginations go to Kenya for a minute and let this fact sink in - SEVEN families will have the gift of milk for their families and maybe even some milk to sell at market.

I’ve thought lately about Bill’s idea and the big impact that it realized for others. Not only did Bill listen to his imagination and dared to voice an idea out loud, he also took steps to make it real. It is truly a miracle of our world that we can all impact people’s lives around the world, if we listen to our imaginations and take some steps to make these ideas happen.

For Esther, one of the farmers who received a cow, it is pretty simple. As her friend, Joel Sawe, writes to us, “I ran into Esther this afternoon and she’s very excited with her new gift of a cow.” It is truly something remarkable that someone’s idea in Kentucky can bring excitement to a farmer in Kenya. Remember this to be true, as you walk into your days….and let’s try to listen to those sparks of ideas.

- Julie Keller