Imagination: “the ability to form a picture in your mind of something that you have not seen or experienced” (Merriam Webster)


Kenya seems so far away.

I admit to sighing as I wonder what to write to convince all of you to make a donation so that farmers will have seeds to plant in their fields in Kenya – as we have just launched our Seeds of Hope Campaign . I’m sitting on a bench in America’s oldest mall, waiting for my son, watching people with their shopping bags. It is honestly hard for me to transport myself all the way around the world, while sitting here beneath a banner that says "EAT, DRINK, PLAY, WATCH."

This all brings me to the essence of friendship, which sometimes requires imagination, does it not?

Often, we do not know what a friend experiences deep down; we might know the basic facts of their experience, but we cannot feel what it is like to be in their body, to know how their heart really feels, or what words they repeat in their head as they try to understand or make sense of something in their life.

I guess what I’d ask of you right now, if you are living in the United States in reasonable comfort, is that you stop for a minute. I’d ask that if you are headed to a mall to look for something to purchase, that you stop and close your eyes. I’d ask that you let your imagination take you to a small mud hut in Mama Ada’s neighborhood of Ziwa.

Imagine lying awake at night, paralyzed with fear that you will not have seeds to plant in your field in a few weeks.

Imagine the ache of wondering how you will feed your family come fall.

This is reality. It doesn’t live in the imagination of our farm friends – it is their terrifying reality, to be very frank with you. Often, it is difficult to imagine something - it takes effort, it takes intention. It is too painful to try sometimes. But please try.

Please, please imagine.

If your imagination is moved to action, you can end awful worry for a farmer today. We’re asking all our supporters, all of you who have loved and encouraged and cheered us on at The Mama Ada Foundation, to participate in our Seeds of Hope Campaign. (I must say an enormous thanks to those of you who have already and quickly made a donation this past week.)

This is urgent. The days are counting down to when farmers will need seeds (or their fields will not be planted), so please give the gift of seeds today. I pledge to do so myself.

By making a donation of any size, YOU can give a gift of hope.

Asante (thank you).

- Julie Keller