Mama Ada's Dream

“Mama Ada knows that friendships open doors yet unimaginable.”

On a Farm in Ziwa.

Mama Ada has lived in Kenya all her life – many of those years on a farm in a community called Ziwa. On this farm she has raised nine children and tended her fields. Her home has been open to any and all – providing a place where people congregate, pray, sing, talk, eat and sleep – in a community of friendships, where paths literally connect homes.

Many of Ada’s neighbors are children living in poverty. Ada has watched as her community has suffered – child after child orphaned by AIDS, young people without school tuition, farmers without seeds to plant, jobs few and far between.

Witnessing these hardships has broken Ada’s heart but not her spirit. Driven by her powerful faith in God’s love for all people, she has opened her arms and embraced these children and community members, seeking to provide physical necessities as well as loving arms.

Mama Ada's Dream

Some years ago Mama Ada spent time with family in Minnetonka, Minnesota, where she helped care for a new granddaughter. One of the places she visited was St. David’s Episcopal Church where she worshipped God, met new friends and shared her dream.

Mama Ada’s dream extends the sense of community that she nourishes in Ziwa – to churches, schools, businesses and individuals in other parts of the world. Her faithful vision sees the possibilities in new and old friends partnering to meet the needs of children and families in Kenya.

Even though Ada has returned to her beloved country, her dream continues to grow as people come to know each other through The Mama Ada Foundation.