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    Release the Rift Valley
    from the bonds of poverty.
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    Serving farmers
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    Serving students
    in the Rift Valley.
11th Annual Gala Fundraiser

Mama ada's dream

On a farm in Ziwa, Kenya.

Mama Ada has lived in Kenya all her life – many of those years on a farm in a community called Ziwa. On this farm she has raised nine children and tended her fields. Her home has been open to any and all – providing a place where people congregate, pray, sing, talk, eat and sleep – in a community of friendships, where paths literally connect homes. Many of Ada’s neighbors are children living in poverty. Ada has watched as her community has suffered – child after child orphaned by AIDS, young people without school tuition, farmers without seeds to plant, jobs few and far between. Witnessing these hardships has broken Ada’s heart but not her spirit. Driven by her powerful faith in God’s love for all people, she has opened her arms and embraced these children and community members, seeking to provide physical necessities as well as loving arms.

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A Good Deed is Never Lost

Often in my daily life, I’m going to the same places, with “my people.” And while I know different sorts of people, I am bound in many ways to similar experiences with others. Yesterday and today and hopefully tomorrow, I am blessed to have food, as one example, as are many of my friends and family.


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Mama Ada knows that friendships open doors yet unimaginable."

Help release the Rift Valley from the bonds of poverty.
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Tuition for students

There are so many young people in Kenya who dream of going to high school. And yet, they are living in circumstances of harsh poverty, very often unable to afford tuition expenses; in Kenya, students must pay to attend high school, leaving so many without hope for the future. …more


Seeds for farmers

The Mama Ada Foundation creates entrepreneurship opportunities for people living in Kenya’s Rift Valley Province. One way that the organization does so is by giving seeds to farmers to plant a crop to feed their families. …more

Agriculture teams

Our partners at Syngenta loved our idea of a team of independent agriculture experts partnering with local communities to address the critical issues of food insecurity and low farm incomes that wreak tragedy in Kenya and around the world. …more

Mama Ada knows that friendships open doors yet unimaginable.

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